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Welcome to eMunie

eMunie aims to be the digital platform for the general public. It is the only digital platform that combines great features with a truly user friendly client. It enables users to easily transact and communicate with each other, while maintaining unprecedented privacy through industrial level security. To achieve this a new platform was written from scratch. Below is a description of the most important features and properties of eMunie.


  • Funds can be sent around the world quickly and cheaply.
  • No third parties (e.g. banks) in the middle
    • Completely distributed network, no central authority.
    • Accounts cannot be frozen, canceled or closed. Funds can not be moved by any party other than the owner.
    • Low operating cost of network means low fees for the users.
  • Very user friendly client
    • No complex installation or setup. Just run it and go.
    • Very easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • eMunie Naming System (ENS) User-selected names vs. long unmemorable addresses.
    • Full client functionality without downloading and storing the entire ledger
  • Built to handle very high transaction loads
    • Sustains 350 tx/s on standard computer hardware
    • Automatically pruning ledger comes out of the box
    • In the future partitioning of the ledger allows to scale up another factor 1024 if required.
  • Transactions only take seconds to complete
  • Integrated digital ecosystem.
  • Elastic money supply for internal currency (EMU) to dampen price fluctuations
    • New EMU are created if there is a high demand for EMU and the price begins to rise
    • There is a buffer of funds, which automatically buys back EMU if the demand is low and the price declines
  • Innovative ledger structure (no blocks)


The philosophy of the eMunie platform is that it should provide a platform that everyone can use - no special computer skills required. It should allow any user to participate at any level he/she desires. The services that the platform provides are actually provided by the users themselves. Users can freely choose which services to support from within the client. Service providers are automatically rewarded by the network for the amount of work done to sustain a given service. This allows users to choose whether they simply want to use the features, or contribute to the network themselves as well.


Users can transfer digital tokens representing the most common currencies into the system and store them in their electronic wallet. Supported currencies include US Dollars, British Pounds and Chinese Yuan. Users can trade them with other users online using the built-in exchange. They can also choose to adopt the system's own currency, EMU. The funds can be used to make purchases, pay bills, send to friends exactly like you are able to in your home banking system - or you can keep it in your account and earn balance interest (EMU only).

The eMunie financial system is designed to be a self-sustaining economy, just like that of a country or nation, where each user can perform meaningful and necessary tasks and roles. Virtually any user can designate their client to undertake these tasks and roles to ensure the smooth running operation of the system for everyone. Like any self-respecting economy, work done in the system is rewarded.

eMunie provides a unique opportunity for you to play a vital role in sustaining and expanding the global network. You, as a user, along with the network of other users are what powers eMunie. Not some server down on Wall Street or the City of London. Neither is it a centralized database controlled by any government agency. The entirety of the network is contained within the network and requires nothing more than users to perform the necessary functions that facilitate all aspects of the network. All of this is, in turn, rewarded with EMU. Furthermore, any work done is proportionately compensated. The work done for the system isn't simply about crunching random numbers - it is about processing, authenticating and relaying information. eMunie is the first system to allow each member of the network to provide novel and meaningful contributions to the network, acting together as a whole.


eMunie users can also take advantage of a suite of features built into the system such as retail stores, eBay style marketplaces, financial exchanges akin to stock trading, and more. Additionally funds stored in your eMunie account can also be spent at participating merchants, both online and offline via an eMunie debit card.

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